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Call Center Training

For call centers across the country, we produce training materials that build the skills of customer service representatives and other call center operations staff. Depending upon unique client needs, we produce instructor-led learning experiences for delivery in brick & mortar training rooms or in virtual classrooms, as well as online courseware (shown to the right). Regardless of the training delivery method(s) used, our goal is to equip call center staff to meet or exceed performance expectations while minimizing the impact on operations.

We have also trained thousands of call center staff in a matter of weeks using Web conference technology, Adobe Connect. With limited training space for a large group, we utilized this technology so that staff could learn at their desktops as well as interact with a live instructor.

Learn more about our solution that supported the 2010 US Census Call Centers across the country.

What Our Call Center Clients Say About Laurus Design

“We wouldn’t have been successful without you. You mitigated and overcame one of the biggest risks we had on this program—training the thousands of employees we needed, in a short period of time, on an application and content that was unique and sometimes complicated. Additionally, your response was fantastic when we had to change course. Thank you for your flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude and approach.”

- National Operations Lead, 2010 Census Call Center

“In all my years, I’ve never seen such high quality training in a call center environment.”

- Service Quality Assurance Lead, 2010 Census Call Center

e-Learning sample


Training Assessment

Organizations invest thousands of dollars per employee in training but, in many cases, they aren’t getting a big payoff for those investments.

Are your investments in training getting the kinds of business results you’re looking for?

Get answers through a rapid training assessment!

Susan McDonald Osborn, Laurus Design’s Learning Strategist, conducts assessments of the way in which centers equip employees to perform at or above standard. By reviewing key performance indicators and spending two days on site, Susan quickly identifies areas for improvement and recommends strategies for ensuring that investments in training contribute directly to top box performance.

In a recent CallTalk radio show, Susan explained how rapid training assessments are carried out– in this example, for call centers. Listen in to get details on the data collection activities that are undertaken as part of a rapid training assessment.

Get more info on Rapid Call Center Training Assessments as well as pricing information.


Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Classroom learning, facilitated by an instructor, may seem like “old school” in this high-tech world. Combining the best of all training delivery options, we recently re-designed an ongoing employee training program by introducing self-paced online learning into the classroom environment. Learners enjoy the advantages of self-paced online instruction coupled with the presence of an in-class expert. A typical classroom session for this government client includes short online learning segments, high-energy group reinforcement activities facilitated by an instructor, a learning assessment, and an online evaluation of the session.

Instructor-Led Classroom Training sample


Virtual Classroom Training Design and Delivery

We push the envelope when designing synchronous online learning, using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. By taking advantage of all the room’s functionality, we can design to engage trainees in their own learning. Rarely do we use slides in our synchronous online training designs. And, even more infrequently do we rely upon lecture in our delivery. (NHI course 420046 designed and delivered by Susan McDonald Osborn, 2004-2007)

Virtual Classroom Training Design and Delivery sample


Web Meeting Facilitation

Clients call upon us to facilitate their virtual meetings and training sessions, so that they can focus on the content. Recently, we supported international experts and advocates as they provided real time feedback on a video documentary that uses humor to address complex cultural issues. (Facilitated by Jennifer Pimentel for Spark Media, December 2007)

Web Meeting Facilitation sample


Project Management

We embrace technology to help us manage our clients' projects and our company business. For a current client, all project documentation and deliverables are housed in one central repository, accessibly by the entire project team 24 x 7.

Project Management sample