Our Philosophy

Organizations have unique business models, strategies, services, products and anticipated results. At Laurus Design, our job is to work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring individual employee performance in line with organizational expectations for success.

The reasons employees perform well (or poorly) in the workplace are varied and multi-faceted. Performance improvement initiatives need to address your employees' demographics, existing skill sets, and professional development goals. At the same time, you have a business to run. Meeting the needs of employees and the needs of leadership requires careful analysis, wise interpretation of findings, and creative, cost-effective interventions.

Laurus Design believes that employees want to succeed. They want their managers to be successful and, ultimately, they want to be part of a vital organization. Performance interventions based on business strategy, as well as an understanding of what it takes to get employees to perform at expected levels, are destined to succeed.

Too often, organizations "dip" their employees in poor-quality training and see little or no results. Laurus Design believes that investments in training and other performance solutions will only pay off when employees have:

  • Required knowledge, skills and abilities (no performance gap)
  • Tools and information they need to do their jobs
  • Clear direction and support from supervisors/managers
  • Incentives for performing at expected levels
Laurus Design architects custom solutions that take into account not only performance gaps, but all the factors that affect employee performance. Our philosophy drives us toward a holistic approach that sets employees up for success. By implementing performance improvement strategies, we can immerse employees in an environment of success - one in which they have the skills, tools, information, direction, support and rewards that lead to high performance.