AGENT TRAINING – Are you getting a big bang for your buck?

Call centers invest thousands of dollars per employee in training but, in many cases, they aren’t getting a big payoff for those investments.

How do we know?

  • First call resolution rates are below target
  • Agents are making costly errors
  • Handle times are lengthy
  • Customer experiences aren’t satisfactory
  • Turnover is high

Do your center’s training programs directly contribute to first quartile performance?

Are your investments in training getting the kinds of business results you’re looking for?

How do your center’s training practices and programs stack up against those of high-performing centers?

Get answers through a rapid call center training assessment!

Susan McDonald Osborn, Laurus Design’s Call Center Learning Strategist, conducts assessments of the way in which centers equip employees to perform at or above standard. By reviewing key performance indicators and spending two days on site, Susan quickly identifies areas for improvement and recommends strategies for ensuring that investments in training contribute directly to top box performance.

In a recent CallTalk radio show, Susan explained how rapid training assessments are carried out. Listen in to get details on the data collection activities that are undertaken as part of a rapid training assessment.

Get more info on Rapid Call Center Training Assessments as well as pricing information.


"Susan has a talent for seeing solutions in challenging situations and effectively communicating the plan for resolution. She demonstrates commitment to success by soliciting input from stakeholders and downstream customers of a process, asking the tough questions, following action items through to execution, and ensuring the desired results remain in effect. It has been a pleasure to work beside Susan."

- Gary Quinones, Program Manager Child Abuse Hotline at State of Arizona

"Susan’s breadth of knowledge and significant experience with needs analysis, training, and curriculum development set her apart from others in the industry. She is quickly able to assess operations and provide sound strategic direction to immediately improve results. I would recommend Susan and the Laurus Design team to any organization looking to enhance the skills or its workforce."

- Steven Gift, Director Contact Center Operations at Connexion Point (cXp)

"I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Susan and Laurus Design on two very different projects. The first was a large complex government project that was for the most part outbound and the second project was a large multi-state publicly held utility company which was 100% inbound. On both projects, we faced very short deadlines where we were required to assess multiple call center operations, focusing on training and performance of hundreds of agents. Susan demonstrated an uncommon ability to quickly take in complex information, and then provide strategic recommendations. As a result of these very practical but strategic assessments/recommendations, Susan continued on to project manage and develop successful learning products which equipped her client’s employees to meet performance requirements and expectations."

- Dayne Petersen, Call Center Solutions